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Custom Homes by Sullivan Homes PNW

The American dream. Your own custom home.

For the last 30 years, we’ve built those dreams across Eastern Washington and the Northern Idaho region for hundreds of families.

Dreaming, designing, financing and building your custom home is now easier then ever. Build your dream home with a reputable and experienced custom home builder.

Build with Sullivan Homes PNW.

Todd J. Sullivan J.D. Founder


Custom Home Design

Dreams must have a plan.
For a custom home, that is the blueprints required for any project. Sullivan Homes PNW design company is (or your own architect). provides a complete 3D design and blueprint service.
Every home built goes through a vigorous 2D and 3D design process prior to blueprint creation. For more information, please visit
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Specifications and Selections

A custom home requires blueprints and the specifications and selections for initial pricing.
Specifications are the products that will be used to build your custom home and how those products are installed. Items such as floor systems, wall framing, windows, insulation, roofing, foundations are good examples of specifications.
Selections are the products that our clients select at the beginning of the project. Selections often change during construction. However, we like to start with set selections.
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Fixed Price vs Time/Material

Sullivan Homes PNW offers either a fixed price (FP) contract or a time and material (T/M) contract for custom homes.
The fixed price is based on a set of specifications and selections incorporated in the price. The benefit is that the client knows exactly how much the home will cost. The downside is that the pricing is typically higher then a T/M contract as the builder must anticipate cost increases for a year from providing the price.
The time and material charge is 15% and is based on all cost on a monthly basis. The benefit is the T/M, with restraint, will cost less than a FP contract. The downside is that the client should be structured in their changes during construction. Multiple changes adds cost and time to the construction process. Large and complex homes will likely be a T/M contract.
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Construction Process

We’ve built over 1,000 homes in the Pacific Northwest. With experience spanning decades of building, Sullivan Homes PNW provides the best construction processes and material on the market. There’s no substitutions.
For most projects, the construction contract will be for one year from permits. Many projects are completed in 7 to 8 months. Larger and more complex projects may take longer.
Construction is broken down into 3 stages. Stage 1 is foundation to frame. Stage 2 is frame to sheetrock and stage 3 is sheetrock to finish.
All projects are managed with advanced technology. The Project Manager (PM) controls scheduling, communications, photos, change orders, inspections, and all other aspects. The PM is an online application for PC and mobile devices.
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