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Custom 1,200 s.f. ADU Ranch House


  • Utilities and site prep not included
    Barn/Shop not included as displayed
    Exterior Fireplace no included

Custom ADU Pricing

We never guess at, or run square footage calculations for pricing. Correct pricing is too important to just grab a number. Each custom ADU or custom home goes through a rigourous estimating system that includes actual bids from certain vendors such as trusses, cabinets, flooring, etc. It takes a little longer, but having a correct price and selections/specifications is crucial to any project

Gold ADU Selections applied for initial pricing
78 line items are estimated
Build quality is identical to our Custom Homes
Utilities such as sewer/septic, water and power are not part of the bid for an ADU due to each property has significantly different options
Utility work and property preparation may be completed by the owner or Sullivan Homes PNW can contract for the work required