ADU Exterior Main Body Color


The main body color of your home is the foundation for all other accent colors. Go with a bold color or use your trim colors to be bold. It’s up to you! Please see the diagram for locations. We use Sherwin Williams paint for all exterior paintwork. You may select from the colors provided here by clicking the checkbox, or go to (you may need to copy and paste the URL) and select your own paint colors. If selecting a paint color direct from Sherwin Williams, please type in the name of the color and color code. CONSTRUCTION NOTE: Sullivan Homes PNW highly recommends that you stop by a Sherwin Williams store and pickup a pint of the color(s) selected and apply to a section of the home to determine color and hue. Sullivan Homes PNW is not responsible for colors. 

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Please make one selection, or type in the name and color code from Sherwin Williams and scroll to bottom of the page and click “add to cart” to save your selection.


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